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Herbie the Hamster,  the Pet of the Day
Name: Herbie
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Hamster
Home: Glendora, California, USA
   Hello, I'm Herbie named after the move car VW "Herbie." I am fast like Herbie and can do many special tricks with my wheel in my house.I like to run really fast and fly off just a jump. I also run up ramps and play chase the shredded paper. I live in Glendora California that's in LA County.I was bought in a little shop near my new people mum's home. My People Mum got me a really quiet wheel so no one is disturbed at night and a wonderful igloo house so i can stash all my yummy yogi treats.

     Last Christmas I became my new people mum's favorite friend I even had a stocking hung up. I got a big clear ball that I love to run around in at night. My people mum makes it safe for me to drive my ball around the house, kitchen chairs are off limits .The hall way is so fun and the living room. When I am being held in my new mums hands or arms I sometimes take a nap and relax. Other times I am ready for couch exploring,I think I tinkled on the sofa once (shush don't tell) .

     My people mum gives me tummy rubs and it isn't my favorite but to make my new Mum happy I tolerate it and she just thinks I am so spacial ,their is nobody like me I'm white with almost a H pattern on my back - cool, huh!

     OK that's my story, and as you can see, I am helping get people mum ready for Christmas this year.

     Love, Herbie the Hamster

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