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Milo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Milo
Age: Five years, five months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Moustache Parakeet
Home: Cape Town, South Africa
   I got my little boy when he was five weeks old from a breeder here in town. He was as big as a cigarette box and not fully weaned. But this was my first parrot, so I did not know that you should always wait until they are weaned before you bring them home. Luckily, through lots and lots of research I continued the weaning until he was finally on to his big boy food. I was very fortunate to work at a place where I could take him with me to work every day in order to get all his feedings done as well.

    And so Milo became my little velcro bird. I watched as his little beak started to change color, from baby orange to black, then from black to red (it's a boy!), and then his first molt when his adult colors started coming through.

    From the beginning I took him everywhere with me, car rides, camping, shops etc. So today, Milo loves car rides and going to the shops. At the shops there are always little children that wants to hold him, but to protect him and them, I have them hold out their arms and have him sit on it for a couple of seconds. He will go, Lol, but he is definitely mommy's boy and you can count to five and he wants back with mom.

    He does not like skritches, you are not allowed to mess up his hairdo, lol. His favorite place is definitely my shoulder, preening himself, giving kisses or chatting away.

    Very intelligent little guy as well. If I point at some thing he will say "Look" and actually look at where I am pointing, then he will ask "what is it?" Or "See?". When offered new food he will say "taste" before just taking a small bite. Taste is also his favorite when we walk past the deli and he sees all the food on offer! He will crane his neck down as far as possible and almost shout "Milo taste, Milo taste" The fact that I have to pay for what he wants to taste is not being taken in consideration at all, lol. If we stop at the shop, he starts chanting "Milo come" just in case I was planning on leaving him in the car, Lol, as if that would ever happen! My favorite will always be "I love you" of course.

    There are so many more, too much to mention, but the joy this little guy has brought to my life is beyond words. Every second spend with him is worth more than gold and the unconditional love he gives can not be bought.

   He is my pet of the day every day!

Milo, the Pet of the Day
Milo, the Pet of the Day

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