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Reeses, the Pet of the Day
Name: Reeses
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Hazel Green, Alabama, USA
   Hi, my name is Reeses. I was named after the candy bar. I'm here to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving from my new home. After having me for two and a half years, my previous family decided to turn me in to Animal Services. Fortunately my "forever" Mom adopted me right away.

    She took me to her vet to be checked out and to be neutered. She told me when a cute little girl comes along, she can move right in with me. Until that time, she put in a little orange friend for me to love on. She said I can have it as long as I don't chew on it.

    I love my new Mom. When she feeds me and cleans my cage, I kiss her on her nose. She gets a big kick out of that. Mom says I warmed up to her right away, but that is probably because I was used to people already.

    I don't know any tricks except how to look cute. I still don't know why my other family turned me in. They treated me good. When I was going to Animal Services, I had a nice cage, food and treats, toys to play with, vitamin C to supplement my diet. My new Mom got all of these things when she adopted me. I guess they just got tired of me.

    Mom said not to worry. This house is "till death do us part" for all of her fur babies. That's why I'm having a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you all do too.

    PS: Mom did find me a girlfriend. She is as pretty as I am handsome. Patches bosses me around a little, but I love it. I do still love Mom, too, and make sure I give her kisses still! Thanks, Mom. Now this will be an even better Thanksgiving!

Reeses, the Pet of the Day
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Reeses, the Pet of the Day
Reeses, the Pet of the Day
Reeses, the Pet of the Day

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