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Bachagaloop the Belgian and Hercules the Miniature Horse, the Pet of the Day <
Name: Bachagaloop, Hercules
Age: Ten months old, Sixteen months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Belgian Draft, Miniature Horse
Home: Tennessee, USA
   This is a very special pair, they are best friends. Bachagaloop the Belgian foal is on the left and Hercules the Miniature Horse is on the right. Bachagaloop was two months old in that picture, now he is ten months old; Hercules was about eight months old - he's about a year and a half now, and his friend now dwarfs him size-wise.

     Bachagaloop was an orphan foal that was adopted from Casey Creek Horse Rescue in Kentucky. He was about four weeks old when orphaned. In this picture Hercules, his best friend, is giving him a big kiss! I got his name from an old Italian song about Paul Revere's horse, named Bachagaloop. He is the sweetest horse I have ever met, I love him so much!

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