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Sora, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sora
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Pygora goat
Home: California, USA
   This is Sora the Pygora - that is the term for a Pygmy Goat, Angora Goat cross! Sora was one of a pair of twins. She was really unexpected, as her mother didn't look fat enough to hold two babies in her stomach. Her sister was named Sutekina, and was the first to be born. Sora's name is Japanese for sky.

    Their mother, Sonata, was one of our first female goats, and was all white. Her father was a male from another farm, greyish and white. We didn't expect her to be black, as her big sister is white with a bit of grey on the face, while Sora is all black with the white sock. Sora has had two male kids, Sooty and Cosmos. Sooty is white with black flecks and Cosmos is black with white spots. They are really adorable!

    Sora is shy because she was not bottle fed like others. We have started bottle feeding them because, while a hassle, it makes them sweeter and nicer, playful and fun to be around. Sora has her own unique cuteness, even though, because she wasn't bottle-fed, she is skittish around people.

    Sheep only need to be sheered once a year, while ours need it twice a year. If we don't trim them, their fleece mats up and falls off, leaving only the guard hair. Honestly, they don't look good like that. We collect the fleece and it's really soft and fluffy. After getting the pygmy guard hair out of the fleece, called mohair, we spin it and turn it into yarn which we sell or use for projects like blankets or sweaters. She is a Type B Pygora, like the majority of our goats. Here is a graphic that explains the different fibers, if you are curious. Also, because of the pygmy in them, we can get rid of their horns. Angoras need their horns because it regulates their body temperature, but ours don't because of the pygmy genes.

   We love Sora just as she is - I mean, look at that face! Who could resist?

Sora, the Pet of the Day

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