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Dr. Willie Evial the Boer Goat,  the Pet of the Day
Name: Dr. Willie Evial
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Boer Goat
Home: Cherryville, North Carolina, USA
   My Boer Goat, Dr. Willie Evial, is special because he was rescued .His birthday is October 13. He lives at Two Bits Farm in Cherryville NC, in the USA.

     Dr. Willie Evial was tied up to a barn with a heavy chain when I first saw him. His owner's name was Gary who was mean to animals. He wouldn't feed Dr.Evial because he thought goats can fend for themselves. Then one day my dad went to his house. He came back with a goat in his little car. Well a few days later Dr.Willie Evial wouldn't eat or poop. We thought he would die and he looked so sick and weak. But then my dad took me took me to Kerr Drug and we got him Milk Of Magnesia. He let me squirt it into his mouth before he ate, and that helped him a lot, who knows what bad things he had eaten before my dad rescued him!. Dr.Evial soon got better and now he is Best Friends with one of our horses Doc, who is a 16.2 hh gelding. I love my goat and he is beautiful but seems to be burning with mischeif in his heart - he loves to ram things. We warn visitors that they should keep an eye out, as he may not be as big as his buddy Doc, but he is strong!

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