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Spooky, the Pet of the Day
Name: Spooky
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Mini Rex Rabbit
Home: Huntsville, Alabama, USA
   This is my boy Spooky, and he is a Halloween bunny for sure! He had been attacked by a hawk and his baby pictures are kind of upsetting, although once he got vet care and lovin', he was a pretty happy camper!

   I'll let him tell you his story:

    "I was just a tiny baby when I was brought to the vet because I had been injured. My vet is very kind and contacted the local rabbit rescue group to see if they could help me while I was recovering. Of course they said yes! My foster mom took me in when I was just six weeks old, and I was with her all the time for the next couple of months because I needed 24-hour care. I stayed in a cloth sling around her, like a baby, and I even went to her dentist appointments and to the grocery store! I was a fearless little guy, and I loved all the attention I got from my foster mom and all the people I met. Everyone thought I was adorable!

    "When I was finally all grown and healthy it was time for me to find an adopter, but that made my foster mom cry! She had gotten very attached to me in all the weeks she took care of me. I had gotten attached to her, too. In fact, I made it very clear that I only wanted to be with my foster mom! Since I came to her in October, and her birthday is on Halloween, my foster mom decided I would be the best birthday present she could ever have, and now she is my real, forever mom! And has been for years!

    "I am a tiny little guy. I only weigh two pounds! I have the softest fur because I am a Rex breed rabbit. We have fur like velvet. I love to be loved on, and my mom says petting me is great stress relief!

    "I am a little spoiled, though. And I won't sit still for pictures! There's too much to sniff and investigate and to do! Happy Halloween, everybody, and Happy Birthday, mom!"

Spooky, the Pet of the Day
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Spooky, the Pet of the Day
Spooky, the Pet of the Day
Spooky, the Pet of the Day

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