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Rudie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Rudie
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Standardbred Horse
Home: Ontario, Canada
   Like most horse-obsessed little girls, I wanted a horse, But not just any horse. I had a picture in my mind of the perfect horse for me. It was a White-and-brown paint horse with a blue eye, and I would be able to ride her the moment we met. I didn't want anything to do with "boring" bay horses, especially bay Standardbreds.

    Now fast forward to the summer of 2012. I was standing in front of the paddock at my dad's workplace. (It's not like a typical workplace, it's a house on a country backroad with make-shift offices in the old bedrooms.) I was looking at three horses: A tall, Black OTT Standardbred, a beautiful chestnut mare with a white blaze on her head, and a scrawny, underweight Bay Standardbred. He pointed to the smallest horse and told me that they had bought it from the neighbor because he was going to "send him away." This horse was not the perfect paint, but a scrawny, bay Standardbred who had never seen a saddle.

    Fast forward again to today, and I would never even think about trading him for the "perfect" horse. We are doing training with him once a week, and he is moving very fast for a horse his age. He finds joy in pleasing his handlers, has never spooked and only bucks or rears when he is confused or frustrated. Like every horse, he has flaws (Among other things, He hates getting his hooves done and can be pushy when tied up.) But he has helped me learn to stay optimistic, show initiative and not to be quick to judge. Even though he is still a skinny bay Standardbred, he is my skinny bay Standardbred, and I love him!

Rudie, the Pet of the Day
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Rudie, the Pet of the Day
Rudie, the Pet of the Day
Rudie, the Pet of the Day

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