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Cinnamon, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cinnamon
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Nigerian Dwarf Goat
Home: California, USA
   Cinnamon was the runt in a litter of five goat kids, an unusually high number. Her full name is Cinnamon Swirl, but we call her Cinni for short. She came to live with me at three months old. When I got her home, my other goats didn't want to play with her. She put her front feet up on the fence and looked at me pleadingly. I finally melted, and she got to follow me around the yard like a puppy dog. I even tried once to sneak her inside the house, but we were caught. Instead, I went down to the barn each night to tell her goodnight. One year later, Cinni is now respected by her herd mates, but still loves to cuddle. Just look at that sweet little face! Who could resist that?

Cinnamon, the Pet of the Day
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Cinnamon, the Pet of the Day
Cinnamon, the Pet of the Day
Cinnamon, the Pet of the Day

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