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Mufasa, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mufasa
Age: Two months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tuxedo mouse
Home: Brooks, Alberta, Canada
   My sweet little man is the first and only mouse I ever had that will eat while sitting in my hand. He is also one of the most licky mice I ever had, and is starting to want to be held, he came to me willingly today xD such a precious treasure. He gives kisses on the lips. He is the son of Frankie and Brightback, and a keeper for life.

    I know many mice can be taught to eat in your hand, but this boy was just over a month old when he first did it! He seemed to have an inborn sweetness few of my others ever had. His two brothers who I am also keeping, Zazu and Taka, are sweet and will walk into my hand willingly too. He is also a crowd pleaser, at work he attracted about ten people all wanting to look at him. He is a tuxedo, but also a belted. The marking on his neck and shoulder is known as a belt. His brother Zazu has one too, though not as striking. His brother Taka is almost all black except his tummy. He also has a white brother, who is less friendly. I'm giving the white brother, Buddy to a friend who wants him as a pet. This litter was unplanned, I never meant for Brightback to be pregnant. But I used to be a breeder so I know how to raise mice to be sweet and tame.

    Mufasa also has some lovely sisters. I marked his tail with a non toxic highlighter as until recently I had a lot of trouble telling him and his furball brother Taka apart. In the twin picture, Mufasa is on the left. He is a friendly wee squish,and is living with his brothers until they get old enough to start bickering. Boys will be boys. Mufasa also loves to climb my face, but he tickles. I love him very much!

Mufasa, the Cat of the Day
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Mufasa, the Cat of the Day
Mufasa, the Cat of the Day

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