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Cocoa and Sugar the Sugar Gliders, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cocoa, Sugar
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Sugar Glider
Home: Midwest, USA
   Cocoa and Sugar are four-year-old brothers. These guys are my two sugar gliders. I have raised them from when they were babies and they are very social. They love to ride around in my pocket and peak out to see what is going on. They also talk and play with each other. But above all, they love to eat. There typical diet consists of fruits, vegetable, rice, meal worms, chicken, baby food, sugar glider pellets, and peach nectar. Often it seems like they eat better than I do. But most of the time they also eat what ever we do (chicken, pasta, etcetera).

     Cocoa also loves to play with the cats through the side of his cage. Splash, my one cat, will wait on the side of the sugar gliders cage for hours. Because they are nocturnal he has to wait for them to wake up. Then when Cocoa gets up, he and Splash talk to each other. Splash loves to sit and watch them. They are actually good friends.

Cocoa and Sugar the Sugar Gliders, the Pets of the Day Cocoa and Sugar the Sugar Gliders, the Pets of the Day

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