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Murphy the Leopard Gecko, the Pet of the Day
Name: Murphy
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Leopard Gecko
Home: New York, USA
   Murphy has had a tough life so far, I received him from a distressed owner that didn't want him anymore because he was said to have bit others, including the current owner himself. So he was given to me with that warning.

       I treated him kindly and gently to settle him into his new home and make him as comfortable as possible. As the week progressed I handled him once a day or when ever he was out of his hut and wanted to be picked up. He has not tried biting me or any of my family even once, and he is the sweetest and most curious little gecko I have ever owned. I wouldn't trade him for the world. As for the previous handler/owner I don't know why he might have been biting that person, but that is all in his past. He is now loved and happy, and always will be!

Murphy the Leopard Gecko, the Pet of the Day Murphy the Leopard Gecko, the Pet of the Day

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