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Merry, Jingle, the Pet of the Day
Name: Merry, Jingle
Age: Three, Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: New Delhi, India
   Our very first pet was late Mr. Jerry, who passed away about two and half months ago. He was our very first pet and of course, a darling to us. We brought Merry home to give a friend to Jerry, and she indeed was a really good friend. Then came along Jingle, their little baby. We always pampered Jerry and soon had to keep Jerry away from Merry and Jingle because of some problems. They never complained about this.

    On June 8, when he passed away after three days of sickness, we all were shaken. No one would want to eat or talk in our house for some time. But that was the time we realized how wonderful pets we've got. They were like a support system to us. And after that day, there wasn't even one day when they made us feel incomplete without Jerry. They showed us that they love us and that all pets are special.

    Now, they roam around in all our house making sweet little noises. They come out when we're around. They communicate with us as if they understand all of what we say. They both fight and love each other. We love feeding carrots and cucumbers to them. They play with us all day long. If they hadn't been there, we'd never have been this happy again. We love them with all our heart and hope to give them the best time of their little lifetimes.

Merry, Jingle, the Pet of the Day

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