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Dakota the Quarter Horse, the Pet of the Day
Name: Dakota
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Quarter Horse
Home: Fremont, Ohio, USA
   Dakota is very special! I remember when my mom told me I was going to get my very own horse. It wouldn't be my first, but my third. At the time we only had our family horse. We went to a lady my mom knew and looked at the most handsome male there. I felt an instant connection. As he sniffed my hand, I fed him an apple treat, receiving kisses afterwards. We bonded that day and I was already loving him.

       It is easy to pick him out of the crowd of horses with his unique head marking and his one and only ear clip. As a young colt he somehow tore the top of his ear so there is a permanent clip in it. He would find me and immediately search for the sweet treats I brought. I rode him several times and trained at the lady's house before it was official and I could bring him home. He got along with his buddy Sky and soon after his new friend Ellie. They would all stay right together. Dakota looked forward each day to me showing up, as did I.

       Nowadays his hobbies include eating, chasing me, exercising, and hogging all the love from the other horses. He goes to our fair and has fun doing different shows. Before we go, I braid the horses' tails, and when I do anyone else's, he uses his nose to mess it up so I give him attention.

       I love how horse can connect to you like no other animal I know. Even when they weigh up to 1,050 pounds, they sure are such lovers. I am honoring Dakota because of everything we have been through together!


Dakota the Quarter Horse, the Pet of the Day Dakota the Quarter Horse, the Pet of the Day Dakota the Quarter Horse, the Pet of the Day

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