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August 10, 2000

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Spot, the Pet of the Day
Name: Spot
Age: Eleven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Leopard Gecko
Home: California, USA
   This is my Leopard Gecko, Spot. He is eleven months old now, and I have had him since he was a month old. He is a Circleback color morph. He is about nine inches long from head to tail. I love to watch him eat crickets. He stands up high and chases after them.

    When he wants out of his cage, he will usually start scratching on the side of his cage. He will also climb up on high places. When I walk into the room he looks at me. When I stick my hand into the cage He will lick my hand and walk onto my hand. I am the only person he'll do that to. When I let him out of his cage I'll set him down somewhere (like the bricks in picture) and he'll walk around the house.

    He also loves it when I mist him lightly with a squirt bottle. He will lick the water of his nose. It is very cute. Whenever I talk to him his eyes get real wide and he'll look right at me. He recognizes me, his name, and my voice. Spot has many different facial expressions. When he gets real tired he will kinda half close his eyes. When he's alert or hunting his eyes will always get real big. I can always tell what type of mood he's in. Those are some reasons why Spot is so special to me.

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