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October 2, 2001

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Bling Bling, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bling Bling
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Silver Mitt Ferret
Home: Orlando, Florida, USA
   It was very very hard to get my baby - it took persistence. My parents did not want me to get this ferret! Every day I would go into PetLand and hold him as long as I could. I knew he was mine from the first time I saw him - he would lay in my arms and sleep, yet anyone else who held him he would be wild. He even won my brother over even though he didn't like ferrets. I begged and begged and saved up all the money to pay for him. Then one day my mom and dad gave in and let me take him the tiny gray ball of love. I named him Bling Bling from the song about guys who like jewelry since he loved grabbing and biting at my and my brother's necklaces. Even my brother holds him around the house calling him his little "hommie"! How cute! I have never regretted the effort I put into getting my baby. He also taught me a lot, I had to do everything for him by myself, going to the vet and all. I still don't think it's hard - when you love someone so much you'll do any thing! I love you bling!

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