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September 4, 2002

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Fork, the Pet of the Day
Name: Fork
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Giant African Bullfrog
Home: Garden Grove, California, USA
   This is Fork, one of my many pet frogs that I have. He is probably my favorite frog. He spends most of his year at Izaak Walton Middle School in my classroom and during the summer at my house. The children just love him and they always want to see him eat. All day long he just sits in his very large tank and wait for his dinner to come. He only eats twice a week and when he does everyone will stop by to watch. He eats jumbo nightcrawlers, large goldfish, etc. In fact, he'll try to eat anything that comes into his tank, even fingers! He has bitten me a few times and yes, he does have teeth, very sharp and big ones. That's why there is a warning sign above his tank in the classroom letting you know he's dangerous and only look with your eyes and not your hands.

    Late 1999 he was shipped to me from a friend and back then he was the size of a quarter or so and now he is a little more than 7 inches big and still growing! Giant African bullfrogs can live up to 20 years! He's a great pet because you don't have to walk him or groom him or play with him but you do need to clean his tank very often and feed him live animals. Fork is very special because he is very rare around here and I don't know anyone else near me that sells or even owns African bull frogs. He is also fascinating for the children to watch.

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