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Flair the Fish,  the Pet of the Day
Name: Flair
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Fish
Home: South Shields, England, UK
   This is my fresh water fish Flair. He lives in my house in South Shields, England. I think Flair deserves to win because he is so affectionate even though he's just a fish. He is really special to me because I got him after my other fish died. This was really tragic so I decided to get another fish that looked like him. As soon as I walked in my local pet store, I knew little Flair was destined to be mine. I got him that very moment.

     Flair is a special fish - he is very friendly towards the other two fish in the tank, not just to me. He is funniest when he's hungry because every time I pick up the food pot and open the tank he comes up to the top and swims back and forth. He acts like he has not been fed in days! One day I thought I lost him when I went to feed him and he just floated still even when I opened the tank. He was trying to trick me! As soon as my hand got close to the water, he came "back to life" like nothing was wrong! I hope it never happens for real. I love him too much! People who don't think fish have personalities have never met one like Flair!

Flair the Fish,  the Pet of the Day

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