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Whiskey the Missouri Fox Trotter, the Pet of the Day
Name: Whiskey
Age: Eleven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Missouri Fox Trotter
Home: Indiana, USA
   This is my horse, his name is Whiskey, and he's a Missouri Fox Trotter, which is an all-American breed. It was developed in Missouri - of course - and is known as a "gaited" breed. Their specific gait that they do for horse shows is known as the "fox trot," a four-beat broken diagonal gait in which the front foot of the diagonal pair lands before the hind, which makes it a really smooth ride. It takes some training to do it well enough for a show, though!

     Whiskey has a sweet and loving temperament in a absolutely beautiful body. He is technically owned by a friend of mine, but I am lucky enough to be leasing him now. His gait needs work, but my sister-in-law's horse, Blondie, has a awesome gait, so we are hoping he will learn by her example, and from us as well. He is a great horse no matter what!

Whiskey the Missouri Fox Trotter, the Pet of the Day Whiskey the Missouri Fox Trotter, the Pet of the Day

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